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Falls Management Training designs and delivers bespoke training and awareness courses.

We differentiate our training programmes between managers/senior staff and support staff in order to ensure training topics are relevant to the
training needs.

Training for Care Home Managers and Senior Staff

Training for care home managers and senior staff will include topics related to organisational procedures and standards including meeting
national requirements.

Topics include:
• Definition, prevalence and consequences of falls
• Implementing a robust falls strategy
• Meeting Care Quality Commission and other national standards
• Falls and fracture risk factors
• Falls risk interventions
• Falls prevention equipment
• Post Fall Care and falls incident analysis
• Dementia and falls

This training aims to provide senior staff with tools to ensure that their care home meets the National Guidelines and Standards and ensure that
a falls strategy is embedded into the culture of your organisation.

Falls Training for Care Home Support Staff

Completion of this training will provide staff with the practical skills and knowledge of the causes of falls and the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling of residents within a care home environment.

The training will increase awareness of the responsibilities of staff in relation to proactive falls management.

Topics include:
• Basic awareness on prevalence and consequences of falls
• Awareness of the falls strategy within the organisation
• Recognising and understanding falls risk factors and interventions
• Falls prevention equipment
• Post Fall Care
• Dementia and falls

We utilise active learning techniques, including interactive group work, case studies and old age simulation.

Our training courses are tailored to the needs of your organisation and delivered locally.

Please contact Falls Management Training to discuss your training requirements.
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